Last week I watched a Hangouts video from The Writing Biz Laura Williams. In the last episode, featured guest speaker Lany Sullivan talked about Setting Goals for Your Writing. Laura had claimed that she was a time management wizard and boy is she ever. She’d already started her 2015 plans since October.

I’ve just started doing the same in December but they’re makeshift plans at best. And thanks to tweeting my old blog posts, I’ve learned how my past writing plans were far from concrete. They lacked accountability, feasibility or commitment-ability. In short it was too generalized. And lofty.

Yes, I was able to publish but I don’t plan on stopping at just one book. There’s also the resuming of regular posts of my Harbingers and Nadia book blog. As well as the continued content of this blog and and the revision/edits of my nonfiction book from NaNoFiWriMo. So there you have it, six major writing projects and only 365 days to do it. But how?

First, I’ve decided to carve out 2015 based on writing priority. Basically, creating and repurposing blog content for the site is numero uno throughout the year. And to do this, I will be planning my posts ahead using Nina Amir’s blog plan template. So be prepared for more monthly series in the coming year.  As it has been in the latter half of 2014, I would post only Mondays and Fridays.

In the meantime, the first half of 2015 will be dedicated to my other projects. Each will have their own monthly timelines or 30 days, as personal writing challenges, for me to complete. January to March are my book blog writing months as well as for getting critiques and feedback at writing community sites. April and May will go to my poetry books “Triplicity” and “With My Little Eyes,” respectively.

By May, which will be my blog’s two year anniversary, there should be regular weekly book blog posts every Wednesday. And June has been set aside for my nonfiction how to write a novel quick guide. Whew, that’s alot. Still to make this work, I’ll have to get more granular, if I want to have two poetry manuscripts in publishable form by mid year. And I can’t forget about the marketing and promotion of each.

Well, with a couple of more days and a lot more tweaking, I’m sure to get my writing plan and timeline down to a “T.” After and between Christmas and New Years that is, as I need time to rest, clean and decorate for the holidays. And so, this is Lidy at iheartallstories, signing out with my last post of the year. Th-th-th-that’s all folks!

Have you finalized your writing plans for 2015? Or your publishing, marketing and promoting plans?

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Rounding Out 2014

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