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Sorry folks, today’s original post is postponed for now. It’s been a crazy week at work with all the festive fundraising frenzy (it’s an alliteration!). Tis the season for giving.

I’ve gathered all the images I need. The only thing I need to work on is the timing for the next 8 frames. Hopefully, the weekend won’t be as busy so my special little project would be ready and scheduled to post next week Monday.

But speaking of time and schedules, Laura B. Williams from The Writing Biz, made some suggestions for my 2015 writing plans. In that I should post dates next to my writing resolutions. And to separate them into smaller parts. This will allow me and other writers to reach their writing goals.

Now as I’m more of a pantser than a planner, this will need some serious sit down (another alliteration) and thinking time. In what areas of my life, work and family, can I carve the time that’ll allow me to complete the resolutions I’ve set up? I have my lunch hour that I can use to write. But that time is often cut into by the ringing phone, a meeting, coworkers asking questions or needing help on something, etc.

Time after work is spent trying to beat traffic. Then picking up kids, feeding them, making sure they did their homework. Followed by preparing clothes, lunch and snacks for the next day, dinner and who else knows what. After all that, sometimes I surprise myself on how I can still write when all I really want to do is call it a day and go to bed.

But Laura’s suggestion reminded me of a not so recent or long ago post by Nina Amir. In the post she talks about and gives a template on how to create a blog plan. And it got me thinking, that with a blog plan in place, I might find the extra time I need for my 2015 writing projects. Here’s the link: Either way, with 2014 coming to a close, I guess it’s about time this pantser finally becomes a planner.

Have you started making your writing plans for 2015? Does your plans require any changes to your personal or work life? Or is any of your writing projects scaled and weighted by priority? Please share in the comments section below.

PS If you’re able to, stop by to Laura’s Hangouts video next week on The Writing Biz: Setting Goals For Your Writing Biz in 2015 with Lany Sullivan. And according to Laura, Lany Sullivan is a time management whiz. Something that will come in handy for all us pantsers out there.


Where Does the Time Go?

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