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This time last year, I was lamenting over my loss at NaNoWriMo 2013. The YA supernatural fantasy novel,Nadia the Hidden Fire Witch, I’d been working on only made to a ~30,000 word goal. In the end I continued the writing challenge the following year as a bookblog. And as you’ve might notice it’s currently under construction. As well as Harbingers of El Tinor, a story that came to me like a typhoon while waiting for a delayed train after work.

Even though they both been on hiatus in favor of other writing projects, I was still able to do my edits and revisions. As well as several drafts. Why? Because writing is a never ending race. A chase to write the next great adventure of our character’s lives. Be it fantasy, horror, comedy, romance, etc. 

A race where a writer identifies with other writers in our long, arduous journey of the occasional dry spells. Finding the time/balance to write between work and family. Including learning to distinguish between fantasy and reality writing aspirations.

With the new year fast approaching, I find myself thinking not only about my writing and personal resolutions for 2015 but thereafter. For example, what more accomplishments can I achieve, despite last year’s lofty goals? What else can I do to build my writing cred? I might’ve published my first book but it’s not over yet. There will always be another and another because as a writer, the pen is our starting signal.

Did you accomplish your 2014 writing goals? If not, what resolutions have you planned for 2015?


Writing Is A Never Ending Race, So Let’s Ride!

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