A IHeartAllStories Recap!

Well it’s been one of a hell of a year. And a quick one at that. Wasn’t it just Christmas 2013?! So with 2015 upon us in a flash, I wanted to look back at the year 2014. And might as well start on some resolutions while I’m at it. With the rate we’re going it’ll be New Year’s Eve 2015 in 5 days.

I’d have to say that 2014 was my most productive year as a writer. For the first time, I participated in a poem a day challenge. My poems didn’t win the chance to feature in an anthology but I made it all the way, when I fell behind.

I discovered Canva.com thanks to a post by Nina Amir and now my blog has been plastered with my created designs ever since. I also used Canva.com to create the Kindle cover for my 30 day challenge poems manuscript, “It’s A Poeming Thing.” You can find and read/critique the manuscript on Authonomy orWattpad.

My work was rejected by various literary/poetry contests, journals, magazines, etc. I didn’t go into ‘Author Smash’ mode but that didn’t mean that seeing all those rejections didn’t leave me with self doubt. But what kept me going were the praise and insightful critiques within some of those rejections, from the editors. As well as a desire for me resubmit to them again.

I successfully published my chapbook, Can You Catch My Flow?, on Smashwords two days ago. But now some epub error is keeping me out of its premium catalog. Will fix that because I’m not missing out on being distributed to Apple.

I participated in two international writing courses; How Writers Write Poetry and How Writers Write Fiction. Although, I dropped out halfway of the latter for NaNoFiWriMo. For which I forgoed NaNoWriMo and the Poem-A-Day Poetry chapbook challenge this year. The experience inspired me to write another NF book combining my loves of storytelling and anime.

But just as much, I got a lot of things done this year. There was a whole lot I didn’t do, did little of or started too late.  I didn’t complete the edits to the draft manuscript of book one from the Nadia witch series. My second poetry chapbook With “My Little Eyes” (tentative) and first full length poetry collection “Triplicity” are only 1/3rd complete. Again 2014 was a year when I didn’t read as much books as I’d like to. And I just now joined the 21st century by signing on to Twitter.

So for my writer’s resolution in 2015 I’m going to resubmit new poetry and this time get accepted. Finishing compiling my poetry books, have them critiqued and edited, before they’re published. Finish my edits of my Nadia YA supernatural book. As well as update its and Harbingers of El Tinor’s book blog posts. Make my NF writing challenge from NaNonFiWriMo publishable. Whew, I’m in for another busy year.

How was the year 2014 for you? Were any goals met? Were there any disappointments? What are your goals for 2015?

Credit fire image: GraphicStock

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