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It’s another Hump Day special. Why? Can You Catch My Flow? is officially published today. And if you hurry now, you can purchase the poetry echapbook for free. Just enter coupon code EP35K prior to completing your checkout to receive the discount, before GMT CA -08:00 time today.

It’s been a long time coming. Who’d knew that today will mark the day that I’ve become an official writer. But when I think back, I don’t find that necessarily true. I’ve been a writer since the 3rd-4th grade when I first made D-I-Y paperback booklet series (mentioned in my Smashwords Author Interview). I’ve been a writer since I had my first poem, A Rose is a Lovely Flower, published in my junior high school yearbook. I’ve been a writer since I’ve had four poems published in my college newspaper. Hell, I’ve been a writer since I first picked up and read Little Women and I wanted to be just like Jo. The only difference is I’ll be getting paid for it (knock on wood).

But now that today has come I don’t know whether I should feel proud or sad. It’s almost like having your little ones leave the nest. The fruit of your loins, that you’ve groomed, toiled and labored over are entering the world. And whether they’ll meet either success or failure, is something I’ll have to live with, learn from and move on. Regardless of possible negative comments/reviews there’ll be no moments like this:

As Harper Lee said, “I would advise anyone who aspires to a writing career that before developing his talent he would be wise to develop a thick hide.” I’ll just have to improve and hone my craft more and more with my future writing projects. Hopefully I can publish any one or two of them by the end of December 2015 or mid-2016. And I would definitely obtain more expert help when it comes to book marketing and promoting. Though I didn’t do too bad making the book trailer on Powtoon, if I say so myself.

What were your feelings on your book(s) release day? Or the days leading up to it? What were your expectations? Or when do you think a writer becomes a writer? Please share in the comments section below. 

PS. If you haven’t read it already, follow the link to read the review. Another thing to do more of with my next projects, aggressively seeking blurbs, endorsements and reviews.


Happy Release Day!

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