It’s that time of year again. A time to give thanks, scrub the house clean, sweat buckets over a stove and drive, fly or bus our way to a fast approaching Thanksgiving dinner. Seems like we’re in for a busy week next week. And yes, I do mean week.

To pull off Thanksgiving requires at least a week of prep work. So, regardless if you’re a guest or a host, the Thanksgiving festivities will take up some time from your writing. And let’s not forget Black Friday, dunn dunn dunn… 

So how do we enjoy stuffing ourselves with mac n cheese, grandma’s greens, fried turkey, etc and still make it to the finish line? Well I’ve come up with my own Thanksgiving counter plan to get us to November 30th without a hiccup:

  • Up your daily word count by an extra 200+ words up until the day before Thanksgiving. If you were already achieving NaNoWriMo’s daily word count of 1,667 then writing 2,000 words shouldn’t be a problem. You can then just set it aside until after the holidays. But make sure to note down any spurts of inspiration. And pick up your writing again as soon as the goodbyes are said. (Or meet your goal before Thanksgiving). Hopefully you have someone to help you with the clean up or do it for you in your stead.
  • If you’re still short on goal, then there’s nothing to do but pull up your bootstraps and go in guns blazing. Lock up your inner editor, and I really mean lock it up, and drop it so far into the bottom of the sea that Davy Jones can’t find it. This is the time to ignore that little voice in your head saying “no, that’s wrong.”  Write with your heart….rewrite with your head starting December 1st.
  • Go shopping for your dinner ingredients this weekend. Make a sure fire, deviate less list of what you’re preparing and or bringing to dinner. Pre-prepare it and or season it to taste and stick it in the freezer until you’re ready to cook it. Or grab dessert making as your job.
  • Be the first one in the kitchen. You have to become the early bird and make use of the kitchen first. That way you’ve prepared and cooked your part(s) of the meal. And with some spare time to sneak in some writing before it’s time to give thanks.

    Any one of these plans should set you onward bound to sweet, sweet completed manuscript victory. And so let us prepare our hearts and bellies, and cross the finish line together.

    How is your book faring as you’re approaching the final week of your WriMo challenge? Are you ahead, behind or on goal? What steps have you taken or will take, to continue writing during Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving Survival Tips for WriMo’s

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