It’s day seven of NaNoFiWriMo and whew. I’m glad the first week is over but sadly I’m 1,000 words shy from where I wanted to be. Didn’t get much writing done during the middle of the week.

Hump day brought me some new ideas for my nonfiction book Lessons Learned: How to Write a Novel When You’re a Night Shift Mommy. So now I have to create a questionnaire and survey. Conduct extra research and collect data on book publishing rates. And compile a list of aspiring writers, feminist and women/mother oriented sites, literary journals, etc. Off the top of my head I can list Blogher, So to Speak literary journal and Literary Mama.

Then Thursday was a day of doctor visits. But the morning appointment fell through because the doctor had to go into surgery. And then my appointment in the afternoon ended with a prescription for computer/reading glasses.

Yesterday made me realize another set of complications that arises from pursuing the craft of the written word. So much so that it bumped today’s original post in favor of a poll. Now out of the four, which option would you choose (and you can’t choose other and say none/nothing) as you persevere with your writing. Answer truthfully. I know which option I’d be glad to endure. Can you guess?


An Author’s Road is Filled With…

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