It’s day 3 of my November Writing Month (NoWriMo). And I believe that I’ve fared better on day day 1 then I did day 2. With the kiddies unoccupied with video games, day 2 was non stop not leaving me alone to edit and format Can You Catch My Flow? for Smashwords.

Then I shared updates of my new ebook on my social media sites took a good chunk of time. I’m still behind two How Writers Write Fiction lessons which I have until Thursday to catch up. And I barely had time to write this post. There’s just so much to do that I’m contemplating if I should invite guest posts for the blog. Sigh.

As this is my second writing challenge (did NaNoWriMo last year) I think NaNoFiWriMo is a bit more challenging. By day 3, I’d written much more than I’ve done now. But still, tomorrow is another day and I’ll try my best to write, write and write.

For my fellow NoWriMo participants, how are you faring in the first week of your November writing challenge? Are you on schedule or do you feel that you’re behind? Are you on a writing high or low?


How’s Your NoWriMo Treating You?

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