Happy All Hallow’s Eve!

Credit image: Zach Seemayer, “12 Truly Scary ‘Simpsons- Treehouse of Horro’ Segments http://www.etonline.com/tv/153187_12_truly_scary_simpsons_treehouse_of_horror_segments/index.html

As little kids (and some adults) arm themselves in costumes, we writers are arming ourselves as well. Their challenge for the night is to slip unseen hell’s minions. Ours is to challenge ourselves in a one month writing den of hell. Yes, a hell of our own making where we’ll need all our wit, ingenuity, tenacity and imagination to get through it. And so for the final preparation day of October I have some last minute tips to share.

  1. If you’re stuck in a scene/character name/plot etc. then visit the NaNoWriMo Adoption Society Forums. Or highlight the troublesome writing bits and leave it for later. Move on.
  2. If you haven’t already find yourself a writing buddy you still have one more day. Writing is a lonely journey but the destination is best traveled with a partner.
  3. Collect pictures or images you can base your characters and or settings on.
  4. Start with a great a line or paragraph and don’t stop writing. Start with the climax and don’t stop writing. Start at the end and don’t stop writing.
  5. Write with your heart. Edit with your head. Later (starting December 1st).

Food for Thought: Whether you’re a NaNoWriMo, November Poetry Chapbook Poem-A-Day Challenge or a NaNoFiWriMo participant like me, we all face November together. And so come tomorrow at midnight we’ll all write together, although we’ll march to different writing goals. So whether we’re writing fiction, poetry or nonfiction, let’s all see each other  at the finish line. 
Let’s leave no writer behind. Even if we end up looking like zombies.


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