Go Visualize Yourself

Are you stuck in a writing scene or feel that somehow it’s gone stale? And no matter how much you write there’s still no progress? That you’ve hit a writing wall and can’t get past it?

Here’s a way to get yourself unstuck and it’s a trick I’ve just recently discovered. To blast a hole through that writing wall, you must first ignore it. Take a writing break from your project and focus on another writing piece, which I like to call a ‘writing breather.’ Taking a writing breather will breathe new life to your words and your storytelling. And the best way to do that is by doing a visual writing prompt.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”-unknown

A visual writing prompt or better known as an image prompt, is not all too dissimilar to ekphrasis, the act of using one medium of art to relate to another medium. Instead, with a visual prompt you’ll proceed to write a story inspired by a photo. It can be any length you want plus the new story can freshen your imagination and recharge your thinking cap so that you can once again tackle your writing project with vigor and renewed passion. In addition, you can save it as a new story idea that you can expand on in the future. Or you can use an image(s) related to your current story to use as reference and a writing stimuli.

National Geographic is the best place to find photos and I suggest these three types/themes as they provide a setting you can work from: Landscapes, Nature and Weather, and People and Culture. Another great thing is that it’s free to join and sign up on National Geographic. There are payment fees only if you subscribe to the magazine.

Don’t believe me? Look at the photo/image below and…Ready. Start. Write!

Credit image: Fly Geyser, Nevada by Stephen Oachs


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