Rescheduling the Writing Schedule

Since my vacation to Toronto at the end of July, my writing schedule has fallen off the wagon. Hell, maybe even before then since I’m an easily distracted person, been working on my marketing and promotion plans for my poetry chapbook “Can You Catch My Flow?” and had participated in an online six week MOOC  poetry course How Writer’s Write Poetry.

There’s also an upcoming 6 week course, How Writer’s Write Fiction , from September 26 to November 21. The course syllabus isn’t up yet and I still haven’t decided if I want to take the course as I’m already busy as it is. However, it’s a good opportunity to meet other fellow writers and hear from contributing authors about writing fiction. At the most, I’d probably stop by to watch the video sessions and participate in the discussion forums, and just skip the writing assignments. Who knows?

Either way I need to figure out how to balance this full plate of mine. Balance it and commit to it. School started last week which now means that my work life, home life and my writing are going to have to undergo a few changes, mainly in time constraints. Certain days and times will have to be carved and dedicated to what I deem as the highest priority. The first half of the week (Sun/Mon-Tues/Wed) would be my days I write and plan out my blog posts. To maintain a blog it’s been said that a blogger needs to post 3x a week if not daily. That is just not possible at the moment, so for now I’ll have 2 blog posts a week and if there’s a third then lucky me (Mon & Fri/ Mon, Fri & Sat).

The mornings have been taken over with getting ready for work and getting the kids ready for school and daycare. So there’ll be no more morning writing sessions until the latter half of the week (Wed/Thurs-Fri) and the weekend. Will have to use my lunch hour to squeeze in 500 words a day and at night tackle a specific chore a day. Eg. Clean bathrooms on Mondays, vacuum the carpet on Tuesdays, etc.

Nonetheless, today will be laundry day. Even though I did laundry last week Friday because I knew I wouldn’t have time for it on Saturday as we were going to a housewarming party that day and wanted to make damn sure not to do any laundry on Sunday. So why is it that the laundry basket is overflowing again!? Saturdays will be my all day cleaning day (of whatever I didn’t get to do during the week) and by afternoon/evening I’d be free to relax and do some writing. Sundays will be relegated to rest and writing.

The times for using social media will be based on the best times to post to my other media sites on FaceBook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. As to what days of the week and the time will be up to a little research. Until then, my new writing schedule is now complete… Oh crap. I forgot to add the days of going to the gym into the schedule. Scratch that, my new writing schedule is still incomplete and needs further tweaking.

What life changes have you undergone that made you reassess your own writing schedule? What adjustments did you end up making to your schedule? Did it work for you or not?

Random Tip: If you happen to chance find something online/in print/wherever that you feel will be helpful to you in your writing goals regardless if you’ll have no use for it at that very moment, catalog it. Record it. Bookmark it. Do whatever you need that when the time comes that you need that information, you can easily find it.


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