Launch and Release!

Did you know that today is Women’s Equality Day? I just found out today and there’s a good reason I’m bringing it up.

Anyways, so your manuscript is complete with reviews/blurbs/endorsements and all. You’ve been reaching out to your target audience, promoting on social media and your blog, sent out press releases, participated in blog tours and answered author interviews. Your book is ready to be published for your readership to buy, find and share but hold on now. When is the release date?

If your book is centered on the subject/theme/plot of and around feminism, women equality or empowerment then today would’ve been the perfect day to release it. You could’ve had a free book giveaway for 24  hours in celebration as part of your sales promotion. However, there’s still National Women’s History Month in March 2015 as another possible book release date where you’ll have 31 days to choose from.

You’re probably thinking that now the you’ve wrote your book, you just want to hurry up and publish it already. I know. I understand, however even publishing dates takes planning.

Haven’t you ever noticed how all the action blockbuster movies are always released in theaters in late spring and throughout the entire summer? How an abundance of scary/slasher movies comes out during late summer through winter? How Oscar Worthy films tend to show during either spring or winter (now this I’m just guessing here so don’t take me for my word it). And how romance movies coincide with spring and Valentine’s Day?

So why not apply the same concept to your own book release? It’s something to think about before you publish as it can help further boost your sales. How?

A simple Google search on individuals/groups celebrating bizarre, unique and unknown holidays can help you cast a wider target audience net. Simply reach out to them the same way you did with your readers and inform them about your forthcoming book(s) that might be of interest to them. They just might bite.

Eg. Sigh, last week Monday, August 18, 2014, was Bad Poetry Day and I missed it. Believe you and me, if I’d had known I would’ve spread the word with fellow poets, submitted a poem(s) to a Bad Poetry contest, joined the Bad Poetry Day FaceBook group page, etc.

Now that you’ve recognized the importance of release dates, how do you find a holiday event that’ll coincide with your book? That’s where Holiday Insights comes in. It’s a helpful little site I’ve just discovered while I was thinking of my own release date this morning. It lists every holiday event for all the days of the month. Just perusing the site for holiday events throughout the entire year can provide you some insight while some can make you chuckle. Or scratch your head.

How did you decide the release date of your book(s)? Did you just wing it and picked a date or did you take into consideration holidays, events, seasonal dates etc.?

PS. I did not know that the biggest holiday in August was Left Hander’s Day and it was on August 13th. Although it passed already, HAPPY BELATED LEFTIE DAY! MY SON! MUAH!


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