Traditional vs Indie Publishing

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Well I’m back from vacation and did I ever have a good time. But that’s for another post. Despite my vacationing efforts thoughts about which road to take with my chapbook never failed to creep into my mind. I had been hemming and hawing over signing the publishing contract for a month now. And it’s only now that I’ve come to realize that if I haven’t already signed my Hancock as soon as I received it, then I had my answer.
My answer had been my original course before it was diverted from the excitement over my accepted chapbook by a small publishing press. For a year and a half, I’ve submitted “Can You Catch My Flow?” to various chapbook contests and competitions, only to result in declined after declined. Really I’d planned to enter the contests and await the accepted results if any. After a year, I’d consider self-publishing it through Amazon Kindle but found additional entries, so decided to give it a go one more time.

I gave it a go, got accepted but in the end couldn’t make up my mind. It even inspired a poetry for the Containing Multitudes assignment from the How Writer’s Write Poetry online course I’m currently taking. See below:
Decisions, Decisions
Bare and waiting, it lays before me
but still I cannot make up my mind. Should I
sign this proof of broken rejected ruts
and my work’s worthiness in reader’s eyes?
Yet, what will happen to my plans
of self-publishing it on Nook, Amazon
and other sites? Do I just forget them?
And the self promotion I began to lay down?
Even so, the publication’s branding
will give credit to my manuscript so
why give up this receipt of my writing 
just for one boat to place my feet and stow?
It’s not like either one I’m betrothed.
Oh hell, let’s just do both.
© July 18, 2014
All in all, my path has now been set to venture into the world of indie publishing. And as for my guideposts, I have:
Joan Stewart’s Publicity Tips of the Week
Nina Amir’s Path to Authorprenuership
Joel Friedlander’s Self-Publishing Roadmap
Judith Brile’s Pubhlishing Guidance Webinars
Joanna Penn’s Self-Publishing 101

What modes of guidance can you provide about self-publishing? Or is self-publishing not a route you want to take? Why?


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