From Decline, To Almost, To Accepted

It’s been almost a month since I’ve revamped  iheartallstories in honor of my site’s
one year anniversary. Since then, I’ve added additional pages, updated and rearranged some pages and even added a contact form.  And if you’ve noticed, one
of those updates can be seen on my new Author’s Works page. In a post not too long ago, I lamented over the growing trend of receiving notifications that my ‘work had made it to the final stage of consideration but unfortunately wasn’t considered a good fit’, with my submissions. I had vowed that the year of the almost will end and I will get my accepted before the year was out.

Well, ladies and gents, can you imagine my surprise when I saw an unrecognizable,
green and bold Accepted fromFinishing Line Press for “Can You Catch My Flow?” It took my eyes awhile to focus on the word and for my brain to understand what it meant. Needless to say it was the best birthday week ever. I’d read over the terms sent along with it,  part of which I hesitated over. In this day and age, the less personal sensitive information sent out on the web the better. However, after contacting FLP I was able to maneuver around that and now I’m just waiting the publishing contract that will be sent to me at the end of July. Until then, it’s nothing but promoting, promoting, promoting. And coming to a decision for the book cover. But the question is how?

Years ago I purchased a book titled “The Self-Publishing Checklist,” by Nigel Bloom.
Luckily, it also included tips on how to promote your book which have given me
some really good ideas. It made me think of who are my target audience, mentioned free sites that give reviews,  about utilizing social media and so on. I’ve also thought about using Vine to make a clip and advertising with Google Ad, but what else can be done to promote a book? Particularly a poetry book, when poetry seems to be on the lower end of the spectrum nowadays?

I’vepretty much decided on how I want the cover art to look like. What you see on the Author’s Works page is the closest book cover to my image that I found on Amazon (I had already planned and started Amazon’s Kindle epublishing process before I got the news). Now I’m free to take the cover design to another level but if only I knew how to draw! Of course FLP supplied me with a cover artist I can  possibly use or buy one of their  art works to use as a cover, however I want to shop around first. Are there any cover artists out there?

What suggestions might you have in promoting a book? Or based on your own experience, what promotion plans have you used that worked for you? What didn’t

How hard was it for you to design your book cover/book jacket?  In the end, did you
like it or hate it? What would you have done different?

Don’t just keep the knowledge to yourself. Please share in the comments below.

PS If you want to be added to the mailing list to receive publication notices for “Can You Catch My Flow?” use the contact form to send your name and address. Thanks for the support!

Credit image: Amazon CreateSpace


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