Happy National Poetry Month 2014

If you don’t know it already then now you will. April is National Poetry Month and to celebrate Writer’s Digest is having a Poem-A-Day challenge. Click here to check for the daily prompts.

I’ve been doing well for the first five poeming days. I’m just a teensy bit behind, but Sunday’s poem will surely be posted today and today’s poem will be posted tonight, since I’ll have the whole day to stew on it.

The PAD challenge has thirty guest judges. And the best poems of the day has the chance to appear in an anthology created by Words Dance Publishing. Click here for more facts and tips.

If you like writing poetry and you’re not already participating, then it’s not too late to start. Besides, you can benefit from doing the challenge in many ways. As for me, I plan to use the poems I’ve written during the challenge for my second chapbook. And I’ve also receieved praise for my Day Three message poem by a published poet, which made me so happy and gave me lots of encouragement.

Hope to see you there, even if it’s just one poem, or 5 or 10.

The countdown is on! 25 days of poetry to go!


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