Thank God For Submittable

Today I just submitted my poetry chapbook, Can You Catch My Flow? to the Finishing Line Press 2014 New Women’s Voices Poetry Competition. Yesterday I sent an individual poem featured in my chapbook titled Do I Dare?to the Potomac Review And on Tuesday, March 3rd, I sent three poems to So to Speak, a feminist journal.

Those were my submissions for March 2014. If I go back further, I also submitted Do I Dare? to the Bethesda Urban Partnership 2014 Poetry Contest in February. In January, I previously submitted my chapbook to the First Annual L+S Mid-Atlantic Chapbook Series. And I’m still awaiting the results of the JMWW Chapbook Contest I participated in back in July 2013.

There are plenty of journal, contests/competitions and anthologies I’ve submitted to since last year but how am I able to keep track of them all?

One word, TGFS! Thank.God.For.Submittable! Without it I’d never be able to keep track of what I’ve sent and to whom. Most journals/magazine, whether paper or online, tend to have their own submission managers that you’d have to sign up for. And I’d just save the sites onto my favorite bar. But with, it’s like a one-time shop and stop, where every submission ever made is listed for your review. As I do simultaneous submissions and as more and more journals, magazines, etc are accepting simultaneous submissions, is like heaven for me.

From as far back as 2012, I can view my past submissions, withdraw current submitted works and check up on their status, all on one page. I shamelessly admit that when I first signed up (I believe it was more commonly called submishmash then), I had no idea how to navigate it. It wasn’t until much later that I got the hang of it and now my sufferings with SASE, how many stamps I need, etc. are mostly non-existent. Such is the beauty of submitting online.

Now if only there was an app for my HTC smart phone. Apparently the app are available to download for the ipad, iphone and kindle.

How are you keeping track of your submissions? Are you using or another form of tracking system?


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