My Mind’s A Whirl

Edit. Revise. Rewrite. Polish. Cut the fat. Etc.

Whatever you call it, I’m doing it all and trying to make every word and sentence I write an end product perfection of writing. Basically, I’m doing not so good.

In my excitement I’ve forgotten that writing a novel, any writing in particular goes through various stages until it’s ready. And trying to make it ready now is not good editing, revising, cutting the fat, etc. Case in point, I’m still perfecting the opening paragraphs of Chapter 21 when I should be focusing on Chapter 22 this week. Sigh.

And while making it perfect the writing is not becoming less dry like I hoped which defeats the purpose in starting the revision process with the falling action part of novel. Lucky for me I found some tips online and Elizabeth Sims You’ve Got a Book In You, which I plan to put into practice to help me out of this funk and move forward once more. Any tips you’d like to share?

On another note, I’ve been thinking about changing the title of Spiritus Mundi. It’s a term used in the poem by William Butler Yeats called The Second Coming. I latched onto it since I loved the way it sounded and that it related to the coming doom to the inhabitants in my story, however broad it related to the other plot points in the novel. But for a long while, as the plot lines became tighter, the title seemed more and more to a wrong fit. So today, I tried coming up with alternative titles and currently tied between two. It is not for sure if either one will be used, but I’d still like to hear from you. After reviewing the short pitch, which title to do you prefer?

The Trimurti? Or Triptych? If neither, what title would you go for and why?

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