A Page A Day

Well it’s 2014 and to start the New Year I’ve put upon myself a deadline. I have until he end of June to complete the polishing process of Spiritus Mundi Harbingers of El Tinor. It’s been on hiatus for several months and now I’m coming back to it with fresh eyes. I even changed the book’s short  pitch:

“Harbingers of El Tinor”

Once again, the world is reaching its ultimate destiny; its and humanity’s fate now in the hands of three women.

 Aithne, the only daughter and heir of the House of Arlen, must prove herself a skilled swordsman. Running away from home, she meets the beautiful and sly Cassandra, who has different plans for her. The wheels set in motion; Aithne walks the path outset by Cassandra, unknowingly preparing herself for the upcoming battle. All the while Cassandra is determined to prevent the horrible future she’s envisioned from happening. No matter the cost or who. But would anything they do be enough to stop Lucinda? A loyal servant entrusted with a dark purpose?

With a more focused pitch, I’m thinking all sorts of ideas for the plot which has gotten tighter, now that I’m limiting it to three POVs. Yes three. You might say that three is too much, but originally I had five POVs. Now compared to that, three is starting to sound much better doesn’t it?  And it is necessary since I have plans for the 3rd POV character, the antagonist.

I’m currently working on Chapter One, “Beneath One’s Feet”,after dropping the prologue, which I may or may not use again. We shall see. And the overhaul I’m going through with the first chapter astounds me. I’m someone that  likes to hold on to what I’ve originally written but I’m dropping that bad habit and besides, that’s what old files are for. If there was something in my old drafts that works well with my new drafts, I don’t have to bust my head open trying to remember it. It’s already there, saved for future reference.

Chapter One introduces the main character, Aithne, her freedom cut short and now in danger of having that freedom taken from her. It starts off with action, of the pursuer and the pursued, leading to her would be savior, another character, the second POV, Cassandra. The writing is supposed to create/demonstrate the feelings of anxiety and apprehension, but I feel that it’s a bit dry. So I’ll stop at Chapter One and start again at Chapter Twenty, which unfortunately still remains without a chapter title, sigh. It’ll come to me, it’ll come to me.

Chapter Twenty, is at the height of the upcoming battle mentioned in the new pitch and from there, the adrenaline of this chapter and the following may open up a path to fix the dryness of Chapter One. Who said writing had to be linear anyways?

PS Another bad habit I’m dropping.


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