Happy New Year’s

The year 2013 is reaching its end and I’d say it was the most eventful year for me. Well, aside from going to college and living on campus, meeting my husband and other people dear to me, and my two sons, and my lingering hope for a daughter in the future.

This year, for the first time ever, I’ve made true to my resolution to firmly commit myself to writing. Although my 2013 resoltuion was to have a ready manuscript of Spiritus Mundi, I’m still satisfied with what I’ve accomplished this year.

I have two book drafts, titled “Spiritus Mundi” and “Nadia, the Hidden Fire Witch.” Both of which are part of a book series. I’ve also written a poetry chapbook, “Can You Catch My Flow?,” which has been submitted to the JMWW Poetry Chapbook Contest and Black Lawrence Press Black River Chapbook Competition. So far it’s been declined by other chapbook contests, but I have one or 2 more end of the year submissions. And if I still don’t get a bite, then I’ll self publish it. I’d made a goal with myself to submit to as many chapbook competitions for the year first before using the avenue of self publishing.

I got off my rump and participated in National Novel Writing Month 2013. Didn’t make the 50k goal, but did more writing in one month than I did in the three months it took to write 1/3 of Spiritus Mundi.

I’ve written short stories, some are still in draft formats and individual poems, that were submitted toCleaver Magazine and various other presses, anthologies, etc. No bites again but I did get such responses as inviting me to submit again in the future from Literary Mama,Beltway Poetry and Unmanned Press. (Hopefully, they weren’t just being nice.)

And just last week, a new story idea floated into my head while traveling through the 2nd and 4th floors of the office building I work at. Have to write an outline, create the world, time, setting and characters to go along with the plot development I’ve already started for my 3rd and stand alone novel, “The Boy with the Ivory Shoulder.”

That’s it for year 2013, so what should I do for year 2014? One thing for sure is to get more traffic onto this site, write and submit more, use the next six months to polish, polish, and polish “Spiritus Mundi” (which has been on hiatus for a while), spend a few months reviewing comments from beta readers, polish it again, then submit it to agents (have a few in mind). And if I have time, workshop “Nadia, the Hidden Fire Witch.”

How good/bad was 2013 for you? What are your goals for 2014?

PS Spent the Christmas holidays making animated cartoons with a google app I found. Could it be that I might have a future in comics? Tell me what you think:

My 2 Lil Ragamuffins Episode 1
My 2 Lil Ragamuffins Episode 2


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