Persistence is Key

I was feeling a little bit down about not being able to commit to the 50k word challenge of NaNo. However with some praise and recognition of the 30k words I was able to manage has given me a new perspective.
I wrote a great deal during the month of Novemeber which is the purpose of NaNo.
To. Get. You. Writing.
It does not matter whether or not you’re able to get a winner’s t-shirt as long as you were able to sit your butt down and write.
Now that November is over, I’m reminded of the qoute “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” by Alfred Lord Tennyson. Replace “love” with “write” and it’s the same thing.
And although November is indeed over, come on it’s December already, NaNoWriMo continues on and so am I.
How is your writing going?


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