It’s NaNo Time!

National Novel Writing Month. For years I’ve known and thought to enter NaNoWriMo and for years, I’ve pretty much punked out. Well this year is different. I’ve finally manned up and am now one out of 100,000 and climbing, participant!

And my novel of choice I’ll be working on?

It’s “Nadia, the Hidden Fire Witch,” formerly known as “Witches.”

You can read the pitch below. Right away, from the title, you know that it’s a supernatural genre. Aside from that, it’s also geared towards Young Adults. And even with the saturation of stories about vampires, werewolves and now witches, Nadia, shouldn’t be like what’s been done before. Hopefully. (I’m a fan of Charmed and the Weird Sisters, but outside from them, I’m but a babe when it comes to stories centered on witches).

Either way, there won’t be your typical covens or sexy witches, or witches with green skin and warts. This will be a story about the teenage witch, Nadia, and her family. Coming out of hiding, after six years, they settle down in a new town, where they’d just purchased a B&B. Nadia has enrolled for her junior year in the local high school and can’t wait until summer is over. But her summer vacation is about to get a little weird. And dangerous. Good thing, Michael, her first new friend will be by her side, for it all.

Starting next week, I’ll post on my preparation for NaNo. And once November 1, 2013, 12:00:00 am strikes, I’ll be focusing my efforts, grunting and pacing myself, to the success of the month long birth of Nadia, as well as posting every week about my first NaNo attempt.

Of course that leaves me 10-12 days to work on my rewrite of the first seven chapters of the novel. Even though I’d like to do just that, but I’m one busy woman, so I’ll be happy if I can just storm write chapters six and seven. Or maybe split my creative mind, 70-30 between the two.

Well, wish me luck! And enjoy the opening excerpt from “Nadia, the Hidden Fire Witch.

Nadia Kemp is a very special witch. Why is she special? Only her family knows.

Nadia, a lonely witch, is the new girl in town. After years of homeschooling, Nadia begins her countdown until the first day of school. But finds herself targeted by persons unknown. Determined to have the normal high school life  she’s dreamed of, Nadia has less than two weeks to find who’s after her and why. Can Nadia defeat her pursuers and avoid capture ? Or will she never walk down the pristine hallways of Lyndonburg High School?


2 thoughts on “It’s NaNo Time!

  1. I totally missed NaNoWriMo. I thought it was a different month. I’ve been working on the A – Z Challenge. Next year, I may have to skip the Challenge and work on a book with NaNoWriMo. I’m a wannabe writer. 🙂
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal – Impartial, Straighforward Fiction Book Reviews


    • NaNoWriMo always in November. I participated in 2013 but skipped 2014 to do the nonfiction version started by Nina Amir. But Camp NaNoWrimo actually started in April this year. Usually they start camp during the summer in June.


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