Planning Ahead…The Wonders of Pre-Plotting

When it comes to writing, I’m sure we’ve all heard the importance of making outlines. Most sites you’ve visited even mentions or advise on it.

As I look back, from the first inception of my book until now, my outline has changed drastically. Right now I have plotted out 24 chapters and given birth to two more chapters. And if you were to look over my original
pre-plot, you’ll probably be just like me, amazed at how creativity can spawn many facets of your writing.

Take a gander.

I Initial Summary; Start/Prologue/Background of Story of


Spiritus Mundi

Harbingers of El Tinor

The world is in a state of a cease-fire/cold war because of the power struggle of the 3 world powers. The cause is that each believe that their god is the most powerful; their gods are Zeus, Oden and? (3rd god undecided-Ma’at). But there’s a secret organization (Trinity Blood influence), infiltrated all over and in positions to further said org. goal, know the truth behind the truth (FMA influence). That those gods are really nothing; just demi-gods fit to be servants. There is 1 true god and the demi’s are 1/3 of its power. Their goal is world domination by usurping the throne of the true god (Bleach influence). With combined strength and knowledge w/ the devil/true evil god (only true rival/enemy of true god). With the stolen DNA of the 3 gods and devil’s blood, head by DNA specialist, they culture a baby and implant the seed in a woman (Witch Hunter Robin &Dark Angel influence). But the woman gave birth to twins. The older twin absorbed all 4 DNA but the younger twin absorbed all 3 (the younger deemed useless and ordered to be destroyed). The mother is killed as well. Head scientist loved the mother and the only reason he saved the younger twin was because he saw the mother in him/her (wouldn’t otherwise). To help him/her survive, using his secret experiment in trying to clone himself/his genius, inserted/manipulated his DNA into him/her. He switches babies (org. been experimenting w/ creating super humans after all) and kills said baby (haven’t figured out how the younger twin gets out the org. and ends up where he ends up). Scientist hires an assassin to kill himself and will be paid when job done (assassin doesn’t know who asked for the kill or that he will be killed by scientist as well). All leads to hiding the twin is completed; whether the twin lives or dies is up to him/her. Meanwhile while older twin is being raised, the org. has been busy in stirring up turmoil w/ the 3 world powers, deepening their mistrust, resentment and hatred w/ each other (Trinity Blood). On the twins 17th birthday, a prophecy been made (it’s the same prophecy all world over; From Far Away influence) “a two-head dragon shall arise to destroy all that we know.”

The older twin has grown up under the care and tight security of secret org. to become a formidable warrior w/ monstrous godlike powers. The younger twin is a traveling realist genius vagabond who does not believe in god. He does not trust in them nor will he follow blindly and faithfully in them or fear them. To him they are just people w/ special powers. He’ll only believe in people, especially people he can trust and that truly people are the most frightening.

They’ve been working on how best to create the superhuman by experimenting making cultured babies (not using the special DNA’s) w/o giving birth (you know like factory made babies) but found it unstable because their cells would deteriorate unexpectedly. Conclusion would have to be born naturally by invitro-fertilization. there were four women impregnated w/ test tube babies and it was a success. the project resumes w/ another four women, this time w/ DNA to create super soldiers. the pass success rate was 50-50. they took a gamble and went ahead w/ the demigods and evil dna in one woman and w/ much tweaking super soldier dna in the other 3. all four women gave birth the same weak. the super soldiers was a success and the 4th gave birth to twins. the three super soldiers were chosen into roles of right hand and left hand of the older chosen twin. and the third child was chosen to become a sleeper agent, w/o knowing anything, his dna is encoded to further the goals of the secret organization in the outside world. the younger twin (male) was switched w/ the sleeper agent-destroyed on a cellular level and cremated.

*Over the years the genre of the story and almost the entire plot has changed from a science fiction story. And into an epic, sword and sorcery.


2 thoughts on “Planning Ahead…The Wonders of Pre-Plotting

  1. As opposed to outliners, I understand some are pantsers (by the seat of their pants). I’d have to work with an outline if I were to write. My personality is too anal to try it any differently. 🙂
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal – Impartial, Straighforward Fiction Book Reviews


    • I’ve recently realized that I’m both planner and pantser. I always like to write out an outline. Yet it’s never detailed, more of a chaotic mess, which I like to fish out what I’d really use in the story.


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