I’m Alive Again…Writing Revived

Wow, I’ve went MIA since i last posted on this site. Well basically a newbie in the world of blogging, but the real reason is that i’m an Asian drama addict. And my new country of addiction is Thailand.

Woooo lakorns! Excuse me for going all muscleman…

Ahem…Despite not trying to or even going into detox I have been making headway with my book Spiritus mundi. With some insight from fellow writer and college grad KC and wisdom from Elizabeth Sims “You’ve got a book in you,” I’m now unstuck.

Care to have a taste of a work in progress?:


Gilda struggled to not breathe in the purple smoke as much as possible. Clutching the stone walls, she made her way down the passage in the direction to the outer gardens. Fresh air.

Vision blurring, Gilda fought on, placing one foot in front of the other, but a scorching pain sliced into her right knee.

Gasping, Gilda doubled over and the smoke filled her lungs, seeping into her wrinkled skin, lulling her old
injury to a dreadful dullness.

No! I must not…the master…

In a heap, back against the wall was how Gilda, head cook, nursemaid and longest extant servant, found herself.

Lost to the unwelcoming beckoning sensation of sleep she watched as the figure of a young maiden came to a halt before her.

Ah, so much like her mother you are…those eyes and hair of russet waves.

Looking up at the figure, Gilda saw that the cloth covering half of her face was dripping a blue liquid down her front.

With a pitying look, the maiden mumbled something before turning away and heading down the passage.

The antidote. She made it before hand, thought Gilda, a rueful smile slipping off her lips as her consciousness ebbed away.

“Young mistress…Aithne…why?”


If you follow this link, http://authonomy.com/books/42045/spiritus-mundi/, you can read draft 2 of the prologue and first 7 chapters. 
Feel free to tell me what you think. Which do you prefer? The finish product draft 2 version or the work in progress draft 3? 

Be gentle, be sincere and be severe. I can take it.

I think.


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