According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary (have to get a dictionary and thesaurus of my own one day) a garret is a noun whose definition is a usually small and unpleasant room or space area just below the roof of a building.

But to us writers, and as outlined in Elizabeth Sims“You’ve got a book in you,” a garret, is your personal space, at home, the library, coffee shop or where ever, that you as an author are able to write. Basically, a writer’s man cave.

Currently my garret  is at work, during lunch hour, listening to music. Although a writer blocking their ears can be seen as a no-no as an author has to be aware of their surroundings, how people talk, etc in order to incorporate it into their writing, making it more believable.

I guess my wiring is weird but I find that as long as I have music playing through my ear buds, I have no problem writing. It just seems to flow, along to the beat, and there I’ll sit, bopping my head to the music as my fingers fly above the keyboards. This is my garret mode.

This past weekend, I tried to do some writing on the desktop at home but unfortunately didn’t get much done, thanks to my procrastination and other distractions. Unfortunately for me, our desktop is situated in a little corner next to the TV in the den area. And without a man cave or mommy cave of my own, I’ll probably have to resort to locking myself in our bedroom and just write. But only if I had a laptop, sigh.

As your garret is a writer’s personal, portable man cave, what is your garret, when do you enter it, where is your garret, how does your garret work for you and why is your garret the best garret for you.

PS I’m looking and researching into writing software tools. I’ve come across programs such as Evernote, yWriter5, Libre Office and Storyline. I might comment on these in my next post or might not, but if you want to comment  on these programs or make suggestions, feel free to comment.



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