I’m currently working on writing out, editing and uploading the novel I’ve been working on for two-three years. The idea of my novel came to me while  waiting for the train at the metro, after work (J.K. Rowling isn’t the
only one). The entire story came bursting out; one character led to another and another, the same with the subplots, themes, etc.

I had to write it down and now after all this time, I have all the material I need to bring my novel to life.  I’m a bit of procrastinator, so this could’ve been done sooner but I guess my  job’s move forced me to get offf my but and write my novel. I have plans for a  sequel as well as two other books, but first things first, will
have to complete this manuscript.

I’ve always loved books and reading since I was little. Even made twin princesses running away from the castle series between 3rd and 4th grade. I currently have five chapters uploaded on three to four book sites. Check it out on the two sites I frequent the most and don’t forget to rate me :-D. Here are the links:  and

Currently in hiatus writing my novel and so mostly been focused on compiling a chapbook titled “Flow.” Now, I am planning on compiling together a short story collection. Had to search through my computer for short story synopsis written up as far back as 2011. The short story collection will contain at least 5 stories. As for the name I have no idea but the genre for each is young adult.

I haven’t had much luck with submitting my work but as an emerging writer, this little rejection is nothing compared to what other writers have gone through. So I’ll keep plugging away, even if I can’t take it no more. Plus there is always self-publishing.

PS. Below is a poem that is featured in my chapbook manuscript, “Flow.” Baby Rhapsody was written two years ago when I was prenant with my second son, who is now mostly referred to as “greedy little brat.”

PSS. If you’re going to repost anything from this site, remember to credit the site.

Baby Rhapsody

The news I had to tell that day
made him say what I knew he’d say.
Head shaking, he said in dismay,
“the bills to pay, the bills to pay.”

Having a set will be such joy.
a sister will be good for Troy.
Ruinng my trance, he says, “Oi!,
I’d like a boy, I’d like a boy.

Forty weeks of wishing have passed
to use the name Kyna at last.
But born on March 1st, at half-past,
a boy alas, a boy alas.

Ty is too pretty to ignore,
still the name Kyna I adore.
So unable to close that door,
let’s try once more, let’s try once more.

© Copyright 2013 iheartallstories

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